Courtney appreciates a challenge and embraces the thrill of tackling complex shoots with creativity and style. Whether an outdoor field, a cavernous cathedral, or a tight, windowless room, Courtney plans with precision for any situation at hand. Arriving with backups for her backups, she proactively solves potential obstacles before they ever happen.

Forever on the ready, she welcomes the adventure of new opportunities - the more unstaged and unexpected, the better. Courtney's unique ability to quietly observe, anticipate and intuitively place herself (and her camera) into position allows her to shed light on the genuine moments of the day.


A blend of technician and artist, Courtney Davidson gracefully narrates the story of your wedding through the lens of her camera. Making intricate situations appear effortless, she excels at the complexity of capturing a wedding day. With an emphasis on preparation, connection, and artistry, Courtney’s work creates beautiful calm out of chaos.


With an aesthetic inspired by light and motion, Courtney seamlessly weaves contrast, composition, and texture into her artwork. Whether in black and white or true-to-life color, each image buzzes with energy and life. A master of the visual narrative, her work is layered with nuances, bringing out the best in her subjects. At the same time, she intimately captures honest emotions as they naturally unfold through the day.

Courtney’s most remarkable images are found in a wedding's subtle, less obvious moments, elevating them into unforgettable photographs. Her passion for her artistry is evident with her joyful squeals and sheer delight from behind her camera. 


Courtney's talent to visually distill the joy of marriage stems from the genuine bonds she builds with her clients. By respecting comfort zones and getting acquainted with her couples, they feel known and understood. People feel free to act naturally in front of her camera, resulting in captivating candids.

Her flexibility with honoring timelines guarantees clients and guests alike have ample time to fully experience an event. A romantic at heart, Courtney revels in the humanity of it all, tearing up behind her camera during every first dance. 


"A master of light, Courtney captured moments I never thought about. She made us feel comfortable, removing all awkwardness. An Absolute artist, Courtney took pictures that made me feel beautiful, and I couldn’t have imagined my wedding without her"