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Maybe some unexpected, crazy weather comes through and changes our plans for photos-- don't worry.  I've got you. I come prepared with the VISION and SKILL to create beautiful photographs in any location. Maybe Aunt Marge is being overbearing and really stressing you out.  I'll help run interference.  I've got you.  When unexpected things happen (and they will), I am there to reassure you- I've got you.                        

You won't see me up at 2am the night of your wedding working on previews and making sure your images are backed up and secure.  You won't see me put out the fire on your reception table where a guest put their cocktail napkin on a candle.  And you won't see the extra hours I sit at my computer to make sure all your formal portraits are just right before they get delivered.  But I do these things, and I do them because I want you to

,,,but only when I am in front of the camera.  When I am behind the camera, I am so excited and INSPIRED BY YOU I can't help but let you know.  I have even been known to squeal.  In between my sudden outbursts of excitement, I am there to give you as much or as little direction as you want or need so you can

There is a checklist a mile long for your wedding day. It really can be overwhelming.  But all you really want is a fun and stress-free celebration with your friends and family.  Getting all the photos you want does take time and effort.  I know how to help you create a timeline that gets you all the photos you want while allowing you to be present and focused on what is important-

the stuff you won't see...

what if??

i've got you...

feeling overwhelmed?

let me help...

just have fun

enjoying your day

love your photos

love your photos

me too...



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